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    HOW LONG WILL THIS CORONA VIRUS LOCK DOWN LAST( possible scenarios of current pandemic)

    March 20, 2020 by stevenson0Others

    HOW LONG WILL THIS CORONA VIRUS LOCK DOWN LAST( possible scenarios of current pandemic)


    This is a very scary question on every bodies mind right now. It’s scary because it is very obvious nobody knows what to do. Corona virus is a disease that has no cure, and it doesn’t seem like anybody is close to discovering one. It spreads so easily and fast, more than 40% of the world is on lockdown already, and the numbers are steadily rising. It doesn’t have a very high mortality rate, but people still die. It’s almost like something out of those horror movies but one that is very much real.

    We have been advised and somewhat warned to remain indoors for as long as this stays rampant so as not to contact and spread it any further. Now here is the question. How long will it last?

    Let us say it lasts for a month,

    Which at this point seems pretty wishful because at China, this disease has lasted way longer than this? People will begin to experience some kind of psychological illness. Food and supplies will be scarce and there will be some sort of civil unrest. But as most of us will adapt and survive for this period.

    Let us say it last for 3 months.

    We need to work and get paid in other to obtain basic nessecieties . Lets over look people employed by the government, people employed by private firms and businesses, do you think they will get paid. With time the government resources will also dwindle and send their employees into starvation. Due to this sudden leak in funds, it might provoke a massive increase in crime and canalization as people shall struggle to keep themselves and family members alive.


    Let us say it last for 6 months.

    People with savings will be able to survive to this point, but with strict planning and management. But for people who are not very financially stable or with a reliable account balance, it won’t be a laughing matter anymore. People will begin to beg to for supplies and this will be very expensive. All kind of things will begin to occur and it will be difficult to restore order.


    Let us say it last for 1 year.

    Now this is definitely no jokes. People must have died of hunger and the disease must have reached pretty much everywhere. Children must have forgotten all about school and school sound like a dream. Things must have completely gone out of hand. The scarcity of food and supplies will make people do very extreme things to get them. All sorts of crime, thievery and murder, it won’t be pretty by this time.


    Let us say it last for 3 years.

    The world as we know it must have changed drastically. Plenty must have lost their live, some due to the disease others due to violent and criminal acts of others. We must have reduced in population, only the rich and young healthy people will be mainly present by this stage. This is a world that no sane person would want to imagine. Please do justice to these yourselves as trying to put to paper my thoughts of the possible future seems too sad to bear.


    So let us pray and hope we do not get to this stage. Let us have faith in God as our heaven father and protector and also in the brave scientist who are currently risking their health and lives to search for a cure. Let us stay indoors and hope this storm doesn’t last too long and does not take our loved ones with it. God bless and protect us all.😇

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