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    Programmers and Software engineers worked inside the large organizations to deliver games for these gadgets. The business didn’t see enormous development in game plan and countless consoles had extremely similar games. Huge numbers of these early games were frequently clones of each other. A few games were unique, be that as it may, for example, Gun Fight, which was huge for a few reasons: a mid 1975 by walking, multi-directional shooter, which delineated game characters, game brutality, and human-to-human battle.


    Since the appearance of personal computers programmers can develop multiple games since they were easy to make.


    So what exactly is Game Development?


    Well in my understanding, Game Development is the craft of making games that portrays the plan, improvement and arrival of a game. It might include idea age, structure, construct, test and discharge. While you make a game, it is critical to consider the game mechanics, rewards, player commitment and level structure.


    Gaming involves play, right?

    Well Play, is regularly seen as a movement of unadulterated diversion or relaxation, which comes up short on the pledge to achieve certifiable goals, for example, individual, instructive, or business goals. In this way, by bringing components of play into the execution of comparative assignments, will we not chance sabotaging duty to the achievement of the expected goal? Or on the other hand is it conceivable to rather utilize lively and gameful plan to build inspiration to achieve these assignments?


    Playing a game is a willful endeavor to beat unneeded obstacles. In games, fun emerges from defeating the deliberate test of achieving the characterized objectives while limited by the forced principles. Fun from gaming originates from achievement, dominance, and persistence, as one gets oneself ready to conquer all the hurdles and obstacles to achieve the goal.


    Why should you study it?


    1. Magnificent job prospects and exorbitant salaries.


    1. The industry is growing bigger and bigger everyday, it is one of the largest business in the world.


    1. You might become a part of the history of ‘geeks’.



    Bachelor of Creative Technologies in Game Art.

    Bachelor of Software Engineering in Game Programming.

    Diploma in Digital Creativity


    In Conclusion, Game is an excellent course for someone who is seamlessly ready to achieve goals while overcoming obstacles.



    When you search for something on Google, what website, do you usually click?.Turns more than 90% of people click on the   first, second or third sites,  and the rest of them goes to hell . That issue that gives website owners a headache. It is so tough that it is voted as the number one reason why owning and benefit from websites is nearly impossible…by new bloggers.

    SO let me tell you what SEO actually is. SEO is the algorithm that determines your ranking factor on a search engine . It is the improvement of organic content and the butt kicking of copied content, direct traffic and paid placement. .. Let me tell you how it began.

    Website owners recognized the value of a high ranking and visibility in search engine results, creating an opportunity for both white hat and black hat SEO practitioners. And then search engines created the algorithm and kept on developing it to what to what gives bloggers and website owners heart aches till today.  According to industry analyst Danny Sullivan, the phrase “search engine optimization” probably came into use in 1997.

    There are so many factors that determines how well you rank that in other to actually do, you need some help as a beginner. You can either hire an SEO specialist, or take an online class for it.

    If you master SEO, you can be so many things. You could legit start up a company that helps other people that need help. Start a consultancy business, or even pack that knowledge into a website. Or you can do the black hat opportunities that include fast build of SEO and some other stuff.

    They are a lot of online platforms who can teach you SEO, and I will suggest which to choose if you are interested below.


    Science Of Well Being

    Have you wondered what science of well being means? I will help you with that, science of well being according to Prof. Laurie Santos of Malibu state university it means what psychological science says about happiness.

    Young adults pass through so many tough and depressing stages and some come out unscarred and some scarred and these people who per aventure slip into depression tend to look   for ways to come out of it all in the quest for happiness some turn to drugs and when high they feel they’ve found happiness meanwhile it’s temporary excitement and that’s why they get addicted, some start picking or bullying the defenseless to feel they have some sort of power over others.

    The whole essence of science of well being is to help us understand the true meaning of happiness and help us discover what makes us happy(myself for instance I get this happiness whenever I bake) and also help us put those strategies in place,help us develop better habits and become better people both to ourselves and the society at large.




    Java programming can be defined as a programming language that produces software for multiple platforms.


    Java in our everyday life

    As the world continues to develop more people now switch to mobile devices; companies are also making use of mobile apps in their quest for expansion take banks for example transfers can now be made through mobile phones due to mobile banking apps

    Also java programming is used in big e-commerce websites like Amazon, clickbank ,eBAY etcDue to it’s ability to expand,these companies rely on it to help expand new products.And also most of the software tools we use are made by Java


    Why i should learn java programming

    • It is the most commonly used programming language in the world
    • It prepares you for many open well paying programming jobs
    • Java programming language is universal; Due to it’s ability to expand you can find Java on mobiles, computers and so on.so studying java programming will be beneficial because the demands for java programmers is increasing


    Courses under java programming

    • Programming foundations with Java script HTML and CSS
    • Java programming: solving problems with software
    • Java programming:Arrays lists and structured data
    • 4Java programming: principle of software designing


    Concept of data science


    Data science is a branch of science  which is based on bring out meaning from a group of data. This data combines the skills from computer science, mathematics, statistics, information, graphic design. The aim of this is for the user to be able to make good and efficient use of the data and thereby be able to transform data to relevant and useful information.


    Definition of data science

    The word data science involves two terms which are “data” and “science”

    Data refers to raw facts more or less untapped resources

    Whilst science is a branch of learning which deals with application of principles and use to solve a particular problem

    Furthermore, data science is the branch of science which entails gathering a particular group of data and bringing out information from it.


    Data science enables people especially business men and woman make wise decisions and enables them to solve their problems


    In summary, courses related to data science are as follows

    Data analysis



    Furthermore, data science is a branch of science human beings must have knowledge of. It assists in making plans and rational decisions in our everyday life

    You could imagine doing something without planning it, which could lead to making mistakes and errors and have regrets in the future so we must apply the knowledge of data science





    The world is gradually becoming a global village almost every minute, and did you know making money is not much about hard work, but smart work, also do you know there’s more money online than you can imagine.


    Simple, among other social media applications, Word Press is another method for earning money online.

    What is Word Press?

    Word Press is an online, open source website creation tool, written in PHP; it is a content-management system that originated as a blogging tool, with design elements packaged as “themes”. Also it has helped beginners build websites without prior knowledge of programming.



    Most people have developed talents such as writing, but have not discovered how to monetize it

    Word Press makes the complexities of developing a website and learning coding a lot more easier, as it comes with its own templates, all an individual needs to do is insert his/her content

    Also note that, Word Press is not just a blogging platform, it has evolved over the years into a website builder, due to its maximum features, many top brands use Word Press such as Facebook,Time Magazine,Disney,Sony among others.

    Why you should use Word Press

    1) Word Press is totally free

    It is a free software, i.e. you can download, install, use and modify to meet your needs, just create your website at your comfort. Imagine having a platform as simple as this free

    2) Word Press is easy to customize

    Without any knowledge of website design, or programming, you can design your own website, truth is most of the people using word press had no prior knowledge about website design.

    That’s because, WordPress provides themes that are easy to customize, a lot of them come with their own option panel, allowing you change colours, creates slides, create logos and more. Yes it’s that easy

    3) WordPress is easy to manage

    WordPress comes with a built in update management system, this allows you to update your plug ins and themes from within your WordPress admin dashboard, to also protect your data from hacking you can easily use a WordPress back up login to automatically create backups and store them safely. So it’s easy no need for coding.

    4) WordPress is safe and secure

    It is developed with security in mind, and considered as a very safe website, it also provides a security guide for beginners so u have nothing to worry about.

    5) WordPress is not limited to writing

    WordPress is not limited to writing only, it comes with built-in media uploader to help with image, audio and video uploads.

    What can word press be used for

    1) Blogging

    2) Business website

    3) Selling an online course

    4) Starting an online course.