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    It has being shown is recent studies that most people do not like calculations. Yes, there are some freaks that enjoy mathematics and have physics as there favorite’s subjects but they are not plenty. Most people find calculations stressful and tend to avoid it at all cost. This is normal as we humans natural tend to take the easy way out of things.
    If you are like the majority and you find solving calculations as a huge disturbance, fear no more because today, I am going to give you tips on how to take on and almost enjoy calculations..

    1. Pay attention in class:
    Calculation course are different from other course. Other courses can be read and understood with relative ease at anytime with little or no guidance. This is not the case for calculation courses. You need to pay attention during lectures because lectures say very important tips on how to solve them. And once you miss them, it is not easy to pick it up. So pay rapt attentions to your lecturers so as not to miss anything.


    2. Do revisions and exercises during 8 hours after lecture:
    You want to go through your notes and solve a few exercises at least 8 hours after your class. This is because your memory is still fresh and you can easily recall some key things your lecturer said and use them to solve some problems. This is important because after this duration your memory will seem too distant and solve the questions will look like a new thing entirely.

    3. Ask questions
    Please do not feel shy to ask for more explanation if you do not understand your lecturer. If the lecturer explains it and you then understand, this type of understand tends to stick to your memory and becomes part of you. Point out areas you do not understand and listen attentively. If you still do not understand, as a fellow classmate who do?

    4. Go for tutorials:
    These are important because most times the atmosphere is more relaxed and it’s like you are attending the lectures twice. Pay attention and ask question you could not ask in class. The person in charge of the tutorial is probably closer to your level and will explain in a very simple way that is easy to comprehend. Tutorials are highly recommended for tough calculation courses which are very broad.

    5. Solve plenty problems:
    Try and solve as many problems as you can concerning the topic you where taught. It will make you gain a deeper understanding of the topic and make you a guru, easily. Try and enjoy solving this questions ad please remove the thought of test and examinations from your mind. Our brains release dopamine, an enzyme that makes us feel good after we solve a question or problem correctly. Try and take advantage of this and enjoy the satisfaction you get after you solve a question and get the answer correctly.





    Did you write JAMB this year, and your score is not very encouraging? You are having doubts that you will not receive the course you applied for.  These are strategies that work very fine and are tested and trusted. If you go into a campus and ask questions, you will find out that the students that got into school through direct entry (JAMB) are actually very few. So please try and be positive and try these ideas. Please do not give into your sad thoughts that you dread and know they are lots of strategies to still get into school that same year and have a chance of get your desired course. JUPEB & pre degree are two main things w shall be talking about today. So therefore, you can enter the university without JAMB.






     Let’s say you got 180, and you applied for a course like pharmacy or nursing. Yes it is likely for you not to receive the course you want as you will be given the courses that are less desired like plant science or others.

    Its ok, accept the course and try and do you best within your 100 level period. Also try and make some connections in both the administrative and academic staff I the university. Then coming 200level, apply for a course change into the department you will like to be in. This method requires some extra cash to sort out the staff but I promise you it is well worth it. You won’t experience any draw backs and you get to enter the department you require. It’s a smart and time saving option.


    If you are having doubts about department swapping, then JUPEB is for you. So for those of you who don’t know about it, this is what JUPEB is.  JUPEB is a 1 year program, where you are lectured on the core 100 level courses and if you make a proper result you get in to your desired department. Not just that, you also begin at 200 level!

    This is a great program for those that did not get their desired course or even did not receive admission at all. All you need to do is work hard or if you are not very sure of your performance, work out your admission with greasing some palms.

     But with JUPEB, one major set back  remains , which is that you get an automatic carry over in any course that you escaped in 100l, which are not really much anyway. And therefore, you can enter the university without JAMB


    This is number three due to the fact that it takes more time than the other two. Pre degree is a program very similar to JUPEB, only that you have to begin from 100 levels. You are lectured for nearly one academic year and an examination is set. 

    Greasing of palms and blocking will guarantee your direct entry without jamb. With this strategy you get to start school as a fresh student with no automatic carry over’s like JUPEB students.


    Tested and trusted . If you go into a campus and ask questions, you will find out that the students that go into school through direct entry (JAMB) are actually very few. So please try and be positive and try these ideas.  Greasing of palms (blocking) is always in play, never forget that. Good luck as you pursues your higher education. So therefore, you can enter the university without JAMB.

    VISIT jamb official site  at jamb.org

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    In order to get into a Nigerian university, there are a few things involved. Today we are going to talk about the requirements and procedures in other to get into the university. Following the direct entry steps including JAMB and WAEC or NECO.




    STEP 1

    Firstly, in order to pursue higher education, you must possess your senior school leaving certificate. This includes either your WAEC or NECO results most preferable your WAEC result. In order for the results to be legit and acceptable by most universities in Nigeria, you most avoid failing four (4) subjects. After which, JAMB.

    These included the two core subjects Mathematics and English and two other important subjects that relates to your field of study in the university. This tends to vary with your course of choice but most times in the science department is physics and chemistry, and in the art department Christian religious studies and Economics.

    In the case of secondary school leaving certificate, you can use the one from previous years.  A WAEC result from the year 2015 can be used to gain admission in the year 2021.

    STEP 2

    Secondly, the next step is JAMB. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is an organization that examines students and check if they are equipped enough to enter the university. In my opinion, I believe JAMB is very simple (so please do not fret).

    In JAMB, you will be tested in four (4) subjects who are dependent of your course of choice. It will be a timed exam and you should try and be as swift as possible. In JAMB, I recommend you try and get a high score because the higher your score the more likely it is for you to gain admission in any course in any university of your choice.

    A score above 260 will make getting into any university in Nigeria possible.  This is a very key part of gaining direct admission, so if you can make JAMB very well, you a more than half way there already.

    STEP 3

    Finally, the last examination before you can be offered examination is the POSTUTME examination of your various schools. Timed exams on most times four (4) subjects. In  most cases getting half of the total score means certain admission .

    I would want to say that pass question can play a very huge role in all three of this examination, and luckily there are readily available.

    Those are the three simply tasks you most accomplish in other to enter the university of your choice by direct entry. Good luck to all of you who are about to begin there. Go ahead and enter Nigerian university of your choice.







    How to develop more interest in studying


    Can you play video games or scroll through social media for more than 3 hours on end. But to study mathematics for an hour seems like a very difficult task. Develop more interest in studying.

    You prefer to do activities that are not beneficial to you over activities that will make you successful and happy on the long run.

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    The reason is simple. The task that beneficial, like reading, or working on your side business is hard and not fun. And the other which includes chatting and playing video games is easy and fun. Develop more interest in studying.

    When we do any activity, our brains release a chemical, Dopamine. This chemical makes us feel good or satisfied. Depending on the task that we take on, the quantity of dopamine varies.

    Task that are easy and fun release high amounts of dopamine. While the ones that are hard and stressful release very little dopamine.

    Our brains tend to make us take part in the activity that stimulates high release of dopamine even when the activity is not very good for us. And avoids activities that have low dopamine release because to it, it’s not what it.

    Take our brain to be a cocaine addict. All he wants is to take more cocaine and get high even if he knows it’s not good for him. He also has little motivation to take part in other activities because they do not provide the level of excitement that he is used to.

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    Watch an interesting movie. Playing an action packed video game, scrolling through instagram, e.t.c. Our modern day technology greatly aggravates this situation in most young people. It exposes us to abnormally high dopamine release every time and making our brains adjusts and takes it as average but really it is not.

    Due to the new and elevated standard of excitement we get every time, normal things that release a lot small amount of dopamine seems not worth the stress. Develop more interest in studying.

    We are now like the coke addict that has little motivation for other things because of the enormous amount of dopamine they receive every time. All they want is to get more cocaine and keep getting high. Our brain enjoy this excitement and wants only it, forsaken any other thing that want satisfy it as much as it wants.


    This a way to get rid of this predicament, a way to find boring but productive stuff more interesting. It is called ‘DOPAMINE DETOX’.

    It is not as complicated as it sounds. This involves setting a day aside where you will abstain from anything…….fun. No phones, internet, computers, video games E.T.C .  Basically anything that gives you great pleasure and satisfaction and replace it boring stuff , e.g. studying, meditating, working on your side business, cleaning e.t.c.

    The dopamine detox normalizes the amount of dopamine your brain receives and makes normal stuffs more interesting. It is basically being so bored that boring this seems interesting .You can increase the amount of days that you take part in dopamine detox , if you want a more effective result.   Good luck to you as you start with your exercise. Develop more interest in studying.

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    There are certain courses and professions that are needed and are on high demand right now in the country. If you are searching for a course to study and get jobs as soon as you get out of the university, this post is for you.For the option of self employment. The courses below are on high demand due to the changing economy and environment of the country. They are listed below;

    1. Electrical Engineering.
    This course involves the study of electronics and electrical circuits. Being an electrical engineer, you should be able to fix and repair most electrical devices. You should also know how to wire houses and offices. Handle installations of certain house hold appliances, handle electrical wiring and connections and so on.
    You must have realized how broad each of these options are. There is the option of self employment which on my part I believe has a very high success rate. Also there are countless companies who want to employ electrical engineers, and there is also the choice of the national company for electricity, who are rapidly expanding due to the transition of our country into a modern society.

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    2. Computer science.
    This is a course that has virtually no limits. There is so much to do and it is very profitable. There are countless niches under computer science. Computer and tech repairs (hardware or software), computer analysis, web design, software creation and computer maintenance. Note there are countless others.
    As a computer expert, you services are needed literally everywhere because of how we are changing into an age of smart technology. There are countless companies among most of the sectors that require your services. There is still the option of self employment which also has a very high percentage of success.

    3. Pharmacy.
    This is a course that has a very easily successful. Basically, it is learning how to sell drugs and some other forms of first aid. Hospitals are always search for people who have this knowledge. Selling medicine is a very profitable business that can be setup with relative ease. You can also tutor aspiring pharmacist for a fee who did not get the chance to study pharmacy at their higher educational level.

    These are a few of the courses that can make you self employed and also have a high chance of employment. They are very easy to run as long as you have the skill and equipment. Good luck to you.

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    HOW LONG WILL THIS CORONA VIRUS LOCK DOWN LAST( possible scenarios of current pandemic)


    This is a very scary question on every bodies mind right now. It’s scary because it is very obvious nobody knows what to do. Corona virus is a disease that has no cure, and it doesn’t seem like anybody is close to discovering one. It spreads so easily and fast, more than 40% of the world is on lockdown already, and the numbers are steadily rising. It doesn’t have a very high mortality rate, but people still die. It’s almost like something out of those horror movies but one that is very much real.

    We have been advised and somewhat warned to remain indoors for as long as this stays rampant so as not to contact and spread it any further. Now here is the question. How long will it last?

    Let us say it lasts for a month,

    Which at this point seems pretty wishful because at China, this disease has lasted way longer than this? People will begin to experience some kind of psychological illness. Food and supplies will be scarce and there will be some sort of civil unrest. But as most of us will adapt and survive for this period.

    Let us say it last for 3 months.

    We need to work and get paid in other to obtain basic nessecieties . Lets over look people employed by the government, people employed by private firms and businesses, do you think they will get paid. With time the government resources will also dwindle and send their employees into starvation. Due to this sudden leak in funds, it might provoke a massive increase in crime and canalization as people shall struggle to keep themselves and family members alive.


    Let us say it last for 6 months.

    People with savings will be able to survive to this point, but with strict planning and management. But for people who are not very financially stable or with a reliable account balance, it won’t be a laughing matter anymore. People will begin to beg to for supplies and this will be very expensive. All kind of things will begin to occur and it will be difficult to restore order.


    Let us say it last for 1 year.

    Now this is definitely no jokes. People must have died of hunger and the disease must have reached pretty much everywhere. Children must have forgotten all about school and school sound like a dream. Things must have completely gone out of hand. The scarcity of food and supplies will make people do very extreme things to get them. All sorts of crime, thievery and murder, it won’t be pretty by this time.


    Let us say it last for 3 years.

    The world as we know it must have changed drastically. Plenty must have lost their live, some due to the disease others due to violent and criminal acts of others. We must have reduced in population, only the rich and young healthy people will be mainly present by this stage. This is a world that no sane person would want to imagine. Please do justice to these yourselves as trying to put to paper my thoughts of the possible future seems too sad to bear.


    So let us pray and hope we do not get to this stage. Let us have faith in God as our heaven father and protector and also in the brave scientist who are currently risking their health and lives to search for a cure. Let us stay indoors and hope this storm doesn’t last too long and does not take our loved ones with it. God bless and protect us all.😇