• Independence novel summary

    Ajayi Tayo was a secondary school student who got an admission to study at Baliol university, Oxford . Before he left, he paid pleasantries to his family members and well wishers .He also left behind his childhood love, Modupe.

    He sailed on the Aureol (a ship) to England. On arrival at Oxford ,he wrote letters to his father back at Ibadan telling him about his journey and the dignitaries he had encountered since his arrival and his father(baba) was delighted about his well being.


    Tayo then meet his high school principal (Mr.Faircliff) old friend Mr.Barker . Mr. barker was a history do at St. John. He meet three other Nigerians at the university, Bolaji ,Ike , and Christine. He dated Christine for sometime then broke up due to some arguments.

    At the weekly West African Society meetings, Tayo met a beautiful English girl called Vanessa Richardson. She was a student from a neighboring campus. Tayo and Vanessa had a relationship.

    During a vacation to France, Tayo receive a call from a friend back at oxford with the news that Christine was dead,she committed sucide .Tayo was sad and felt guilty for the death of Christine.

    Tayo visited his cousin Tunde house at Yorkshire which they shared with some other Nigerians. During his visit they threw a party at the house .

    The party was crashed by some thugs and a fight broke out. The police arrived and Tayo , Tunde , and Yusuf(a Nigerian at the house) was arrested. They where bailed by their neighbors,  Mr and Mrs Winter.


    He was invited to give a lecture on “Nigeria” to students of Bellamy Boys School by Mr.Richardson (Vanessa father) . At the end of the lecture, Vanessas father called him and told him that he was not in support of his relationship with his daughter.

    Tayo received a telegram from Ibadan telling him his father was ill and he should return home .On getting home , his father was recovering , his favorite uncle Bola has given up drinking and his siblings now look different.

    He tried writing to Vanessa during his arrival but could not because of his tight schedule. He finally gets to her and she has the intention of visiting Nigeria.

    Before  her visit, Tayo had gotten another lady pregnant and when Vanessa found out  she was angry and left Tayo.

    Tayo eventually married Miriam and they had a daughter Kemi while Vanessa pursues her dream of becoming an African writer,vanessa adopted the son(suleiman) of a friend(salamatou) who died in a motor accident  in Dakar,Senegal and Tayo becomes a professor in the university at Jos.




    He got in constant quarrels with his wife about relocating to England and eventually, his wife and daughter left him and moved to England.

    Tayo refused to  leave Nigeria because he believed he had an important role to play in the restoration of Nigeria. He was threatened to stop writing ill about the government and was once detained.

    Then he was invited to England to receive an award for one of his books and he met Vanessa. He found out that she was married to Edward Barker, the old history don at Oxford.

    They got in touch an started writing to each other.On his way to England,  was involved in a car accident . His driver(abdou) died but he survived with leg injuries.

    He went to America for specialist treatment for his legs and stayed with his daughter kemi. He got a job as  a lecturer in America when he receive a letter saying he had received honours in literature at oxford.

    A party was held in Tayos name and his loved ones attended.  Miraim , Kemi ,Suleiman , Uncle Kayode , Vanessa and other well wishers. Tayo and Vanessa had the chance to be together one last time.


    THE END.

    Dear prospective JAMBITOS this Role summary of all major characters in the JAMB UTME novel IN DEpendence will help you understand the book  thoroughly. Take your time to read and assimilate each of them. A general summary of the book is HERE.JAMB 2018 UTME INDEPENDENCE SUMMARY by roles and characters

    TAYO(main):A Nigerian who won a scholarship to Baliol Oxford. Dated Christine and Vanessa. Married Miriam and father to Kemi . Professor and writer.

    VANESSA:A British  student at Oxford, dated Tayo and married Mr Barker . Step mother to Suleiman. writes about Africa ,lived at Senegal.

    MAMA: Tayo’s mother .Sent telegram to Tayo for his return during his father recovery .Died in motor accident.

    BABA: Tayo’s father. Drove Tayo and other members of his family to Lagos. Dedicated civil servant and always hope for a better Nigeria.

    UNCLE BOLA: Tayo’s favorite uncle. Loved women and had many wives and mistresses .Was a drunkard but gave up drink before Tayo’s return.

    MODUPE: Tayo’s childhood love but married before Tayo’s return.

    FAIRCLIFF: Tayo’s old headmaster and friend of Mr. Barker.

    UNCLE KAYODE: Tayo’s uncle. Married Helene .Was in the military but later trained in France for petroleum. Has a large house at Ikorodu , Lagos.

    BARKER: Old history Don at Oxford .Married Vanessa and step father to Suleiman.

    CHRISTINE: Nigerian at Oxford .Considered arrogant by students, dated  Tayo. Committed suicide by drug overdose.


    JANE: Vanessa friend who exchange letters.

    IKE: Nigerian student at Oxford and friend to Tayo.

    BOLAJI: Nigerian student at Oxford and friend to Tayo.

    SIMON: British student at Oxford and friend of Tayo.

    TUNDE: Tayos cousin and student at Bradford. Housed Tayo during his visit to Bradford and was locked up after a fight.

    YUSUF: Nigerian student at Bradford and house mate to Tunde and married Joy.

    JOYCE: Yusuf white girlfriend  who made a scene at Yusuf wedding.

    JOY: Yusuf Nigerian wife.

    SAMIR: Friend to Tunde and works at the bakery at Bradford.

    MR&MRS WINTER: Neighbor of Tunde. And bailed Tunde, Tayo and Yusuf.

    MR RICHARDSON: Vanessa racist father. disapproved the relationship between  Tayo and Vanessa.

    MRS RICHCARDSON: Vanessa mother who was kind and died of cancer.

    SALAMATOU: Vanessa friend at Senegal and suleiman’s mother. Died in a motor accident.

    MIRIAM: Tayo’s wife and kemi’s mother. Divorced with Tayo after his refusal to live his country and left with kemi to England.

    KEMI: Tayo’s daughter, resides in America and housed Tayo during  his treatment at America.

    SULEIMAN: Vanessa stepson who left school and went back to Senegal.

    KWAME: Tayo’s neighbor and fellow professor at Jos.

    DAVID: Tayo’s neighbor and fellow professor at Jos.

    HELENE: Uncle Kayode’s wife . She is French and an Art  enthusiast.

    ABDOU: Tayo’s driver and died in a motor accident.

    HAWA: Tayo friend after Miriam departure.

    UNCLE TONY: Vanessa Uncle and a member of ISIS. He was a school dropout.

    These are the main characters and their most significant roles played in the official JAMB UTME Novel IN DEPENDENCE


    “Oh please!!! Don’t tell me our neco exam has been postponed?” Exclaimed ifeoma uche an ss3 student of Saint savior secondary school, I couldn’t help but admire her perfect dentition. She was with her friends’ ewere and nkechi who were no match for her unimaginable beauty.
    She was light skinned, average-heighted, curvy and very intelligent student of great charisma. Being the first child in her family of four, nineteen year old ifeoma had a younger brother Solomon who was only 8(eight).

    Their parents pastor and Mrs. Uche was well known at that time, as there weren’t many pastors as of then. So being a child of one was likened the being the child of a “governor”.
    “The neco exams has been rescheduled, it begins in two weeks. At this time I want you students to form studying groups before the exam commences (something we ought to have done way before now, I thought frowning).
    She continued; this year’s system of marking would be different, we don’t want to have bad records “the principal said. Go back to your classes.”
    I smiled as I returned to class ‘finally’ this would be my opportunity of speaking to Ifeoma. I sat at the back seat in the class with this thought all over my head, I shivered in disbelief, Ifeoma was one girl I admired but got no guts to approach.
    I somehow summoned up courage, as I rose to meet her at the front sit, I walked sluggishly thinking of what to say to her. I tapped her gently on her shoulder; she turned lovingly smiling at me. (ohhh my God what beauty ). I stood puzzled I had nothing to say. The only thing I could remember was “nothing” before I could make an utterance, she cuts in; “do you want us to study together?” (This girl must be “marine”, how did she know what I thought to myself) nodding my head in affirmation, although I knew I appeared shy.
    “Its okay with me” she confirmed .”so where do we meet?” The class room i suggested being a cool guy.I knew she detested studying in class because it was always noisy. “Why not come to my house?” She opined,” my parents would be at work and my younger brother Solomon should be in school; my place is very quiet” she said. This was a dream come true for me as I nodded in affirmation; it’s okay with me.

    OAU 2019/2020 Admission List

    I spent the long weekend in anticipation.
    That Monday morning, I woke-up early probably more earlier than when I had classes to attend. I rushed my house chores, took my bath and put on my best set of clothing. That was the first day I used powder on my face. I waited hopelessly for 10 o clock, it seemed like forever. Just at 9:30am I started this memorable journey, it was a long one along a bushy part, as I walked, I admirably starred at my ironed slim fitted shirt and the skies as though they were smiling back at me.

    I unknowingly stepped on a thorn; my sweet walk fast became a nightmare as all the smile and good look I had mustard had left in second. I leaped in pains, on reaching ifeoma’s house I knocked gently on the door.
    The door opened slowly;
    There stood ifeoma; she tied a towel suggesting she was about to take her bath; a white piece of clothing well above her kneels. This was the prettiest thing I have seen in years. “Hello”! She said smiling, “welcome (adjusting her towel) you look hurt, What happened?”. I stepped on a thorn I said pointing at my feet. “I am so sorry” she humbly said as she ran into the kitchen and got a piece of cloth and hot water with which she would used on my foot.,
    she asked me to sit down and took another stool and sat down in front of me, exposing her fair thighs which were almost red.
    Suddenly!!!!all the pains in my foot vanished, I was lust. Her cleavage were enchanting.
    She asked me to stretch-forth my legs which she placed on her laps, how did it happen? She asked. I began narrating my journey; hardly did I know that I was touching her thighs. To my delight she didn’t protest as I continued my journey down her thighs, I leaned forward and kissed her. Her lips were as soft as wool and her body; tender as silk.
    She showed me into her room and locked up the door.

    This was the first Christmas I celebrated in July.



    Education goes beyond leaving school or secondary school in this case. The quality of Education acquired matters a lot.  Comprehensive education is achieved by a combination of several factors which work together for the general well being of a student.

    In this post,  we are going to list the subjects taught in Nigerian second schools as well as their best Text books. We may not be entirely correct, so if you spot any change(s) you’d like to make, kindly leave a comment below. Thank you.

    Practice JAMB CBT


    Subjects in senior secondary 


    Best  TestBookAuthor/publisher 
     Mathematics Man Mathematics 1,2,3
    B. Channon et.al            U. P. L
     Economics Essential Economics for Sen. Secondary Schools C. E Ande
     Civic Education civic education for senior secondary school  Oyekunle Oyelami, Olatunde JamesAkindele- Oscar Abayomi
     Biology  College Biology  Idodo Umeh
     Chemistry CHEMISTRYNew System Chemistry (New Edition)Calculation in Senior Secondary ChemistryOsei Yaw AbabI. Kehinde
     PhysicsPHYSICSNew School Physics for Senior Secondary SchoolM.N. Anyakoha
     English literature African Drama          (1) The Blood of a StrangerNon African Drama  (2) A Raising in the Sun

    Non African Prose    (3) The Last Good Man

    African Prose           (4) Faceless


    Comprehensive Certificate Geography

    Agricultural science AGRICULTURAL SCIENCEEssential Agric. Science for Senior Secondary SchoolsO.A. IwenaOluwo & Oduba
    Commerce Commerce for Senior Secondary School  L.I. Alukannah, et al
    Technical drawing Technical Drawing for WASC and GCE      J.N. Green
    Fine artsArt History & AppreciationJerry Ozorue
    GovernmentEssential Government for Senior Sec. SchoolDibie, C.C
    English language ENGLISH LANGUAGENew Oxford Sec. English Course S.S 2/3 2007 EditionOxford Advanced Learner’s DictionaryBanjo, et al
    COMPUTER STUDIESComputer studies for SSS(Bk 1) Stella C. Chiemeka
    DATA PROCESSINGData Processing for Senior Secondary Education 
    CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS STUDIESR.S.V BibleFundamentals of Christian Rel. Knowledge for Sen. Sec. 
    Further Mathematics Further Mathematics Project Books 1-3  Tuttuh Adegun et al
    ACCOUNTSSimplified & Amplified Book-Keeping & Accounting Femi LongeFemi Longe
    Book keepingSimplified & Amplified Book-Keeping And AccountingFemi Longe

    We are aware that more than one Text may be used for a single subject. Thus it is important to make use of the one you understand the most in addition to another.

    Good luck!


     NYSC  Name Correction Procedure Online


    National Youth Service Corps NYSC  Name Correction Procedure Online This is to inform the general public and Members of the  NYSC.

    This is to inform the general public and Members of the NYSC  that you can still access the name correction feature on the Portal.

    In a post by the Body on social media which reads.

    This is to inform all Corps Members that Name Correction on your dashboard is still available.
    You are to login to your dashboard and request for correction of spelling mistakes and rearrangement of your names.
    This is necessary to ensure that your Certificate of
    National Service do not bear a wrongly spelt name.
    Wishing you all a fruitful year

    Thank you.



    1. Visit http://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/

    2. LOGIN to  your account. Using the details set up before going for camp.

    3. Select Name Correction

    4, follow the steps to effect the change.

    Good luck!



    The importance of Email/mail address to a University cannot be overemphasized. It brings sections of the schools closer, improves and speeds up communication between the school and staff, students,prospective students at any point in time. Most importantly, it pacifies the distance barrier between Nigerian Universities and their international counterparts.

    In this post, we are going to enumerate list of Nigerian universities and their corresponding Email/mail address.


    (ATBU)Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi          http://www.atbu.edu.ng             registrar@atbu.edu.ng

    (ABU)Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria           http://www.abu.edu.ng                  registrar@abu.edu.ng

    (BUK)Bayero University, Kano                http://www.buk.edu.ng                  vc @buk.edu.ng

    (FUGASHUA)Federal University Gashua, Yobe             http://www.fugashua.edu.ng         @fugashua.edu.ng

    (FUPRE)Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun      http://www.fupre.edu.ng                 info@fupre.edu.ng

    (FUTA)Federal University of Technology, Akure                 http://www.futa.edu.ng                      registry@futa.edu.ng

    (FUTMINNA)Federal University of Technology, Minna            http://www.futminna.edu.ng         @futminna.edu.ng

    (FUTO)Federal University of Technology, Owerri           http://www.futo.edu.ng                info@futo.edu.ng

    Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State                http://www.fud.edu.ng/                  info@fud.edu.ng

    (FUDMA)Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, Katsina http://www.fudutsinma.edu.ng                   info@fudutsinma.edu.ng

    (FUKASHERE)Federal University, Kashere, Gombe State          http://www.fukashere.edu.ng  info@fukashere.edu.ng

    (FUlafia)Federal University, Lafia, Nasarawa State            http://www.fulafia.edu.ng         info@fulafia.edu.ng

    (FUlokoja) Federal University Lokoja               http://www.fulokoja.edu.ng     info@fulokoja.edu.ng

    (FUNAI)Federal University, Ndifu-Alike, Ebonyi State    http://www.funai.edu.ng           pro@funai.edu.ng

    (FUotuoke)Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa      http://www.fuotuoke.edu.ng   @fuotuoke.edu.ng

    (FUoye) Federal University Oye-Ekiti               http://www.fuoye.edu.ng          info@fuoye.edu.ng

    (FUwukari)Federal University, Wukari, Taraba State             http://www.fuwukari.edu.ng    info@fuwukari.edu.ng

      (FUBK)Federal University. Birnin-kebbi              http://www.fubk.edu.ng             info@fubk.edu.ng

    (FUGUS)Federal University, Gusau Zamfara         http://www.fugus.edu.ng           registrar@fugus.edu.ng

    (MOUAU)Michael Okpara University of Agricultural Umudike       http://www.mouau.edu.ng        registrar@mouau.edu.ng

    (MAUTECH)Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola              http://www.mautech.edu.ng    info@mautech.edu.ng

    (NOU)National Open University of Nigeria, Lagos         http://www.nou.edu.ng              centrainfo@nou.edu.ng

    (NPF)Nigeria Police Academy Wudil                            http://www.npf.gov.ng                npf.gov.ng

    (NDA)Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna             http://www.nda.edu.ng              academyregistrar@nda.edu.ng

    (OAU)Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile-Ife     http://www.oauife.edu.ng         @oauife.edu.ng

    (UNIZIK)Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka          http://www.unizik.edu.ng          info@unizik.edu.ng

    (UNIABUJA)University of Abuja, Gwagwalada            http://www.uniabuja.edu.ng    info@uniabuja.edu.ng

    (UAM)University of Agriculture, Makurdi          http://www.uam.edu.ng             registrar@uam.edu.ng

    (UNIBEN)University of Benin        http://www.uniben.edu.ng       info@uniben.edu.ng

    (UNICAL)University of Calabar         http://www.unical.edu.ng          info@unical.edu.ng

       (UI) University of Ibadan             http://www.ui.edu.ng  @ui.edu.ng

    (UNILORIN)University of Ilorin         http://www.unilorin.edu.ng      registrar@unilorin.edu.ng

    (UNIJOS)University of Jos              http://www.unijos.edu.ng         registrar@unijos.edu.ng

    (UNILAG)University of Lagos         http://www.unilag.edu.ng         informationunit@unilag.edu.ng

    (FUNAAB)Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta      http://www.unaab.edu.ng         @unaab.edu.ng

      (UNIMAID)  University of Maiduguri            http://www.unimaid.edu.ng     info@unimaid.edu.ng

    (UNN) University of Nigeria                http://www.unn.edu.ng              customersevices.registrar@unn.edu.ng

      (UNIPORT)University of portharcourt              http://www.uniport.edu.ng       registrar@uniport.edu.ng

    (UNIUYO)University of Uyo            http://www.uniuyo.edu.ng        info@uniuyo.edu.ng

    (UDUSOK)Usumanu Danfodiyo University                http://www.udusok.edu.ng       registrar@udusok.edu.ng



    click 1,2,3…..below to see email list of state universities